Mark Miller, LMP

Founder & Massage Practitioner


From a young age, I have had a natural inclination towards massage and healing. I would notice how massage adverts and associated terms would stand out to me, as if calling me to my path. My interest piqued, I decided to pursue massage as a career. My family were the first of many to experience my inherent skill set. My natural skills became honed. As I improved, more opportunities presented themselves to assist in the health and healing of others. My mission is to provide my clients — through excellence in service — the full benefits of massage. This includes enjoying improved health, wellness, and the full ideal use of their bodies.

In Brief

Mark Miller, LMP has been a licensed practitioner and masseur since 2005. Mark specializes in therapeutic massage with a focus on neck injury treatment. He also offers relaxation massage, couples classes, relaxation parties, and events. Mark is available for in-home massage services. Book an appointment with him by calling +1.253.820.3292

Thank you, Mark. I really appreciate your handy work and your knowledge about your craft. You made the massage very pleasant and comfortable. Everything felt great!

Timothy Paul Dehnert

Bonny Lake, WA

I have been receiving massages from Mark for around five years now. I met Mark at the Puyallup Fair, where he was providing chair massages to weary fair goers. After my first chair massage from Mark, I felt like I could run a marathon. My muscles felt longer and relaxed and my headache went away. After that day, I was hooked. Now for the ladies out there who like me wear high heels of any sort, and want to continue to do so, Mark is your new best friend. He has kept me tension free and high heel ready across all five years. Because of Mark, I have yet to roll an ankle or suffer from a high heel related injury. Over the years he has taught me proper stretching techniques to keep my muscles happy and my ankles strong. He is one of the most professional therapists I've met and the most dedicated to his craft. Like many of you, lying under a sheet naked for anyone other than your significant other can be quite uncomfortable. I was definitely one of these individuals. Mark not only addressed this concern with me with flawless professionalism, he went out of his way to make sure that I felt as safe as possible. Most massage therapists in the past would not have even been aware of the issue in the first place. You can tell that healing people through massage and aroma therapy is Mark's passion.

Leah Fritz

Kent, WA