Service Areas in Washington State

On-site services include the Greater Seattle and Tacoma areas.

Healing Massage Packages

These packages are designed to support your healthy lifestyle and help you take back your life and physical freedom. Massage has been proven to significantly improve recovery time from accidents, trauma, body aches, and stress from the daily grind. Each package offers an allotment of time to be used at weekly or bi-monthly intervals to suit your schedule and recovery plan. The road to better health, flexibility, and overall systemic wellness is an enjoyable one when paved with the luxurious, relaxing, and therapeutic touch of massage.


$1650 | 12 Months | 24 Hours

Overall Greater Well-Being

Dramatically Increased Flexibility, Range of Motion, Capabilities, Mobility, Improved Nerve Functions, Stress-Relief, Reduced Inflammation, and Greater Physical Freedom.


$825 | 6 Months | 12 Hours

Increased Mobility, Fewer Aches

Increased Overall Wellness, Flexibility, Higher Pain Tolerance, Improved Nerve Response, and Decreased Aches/Pains.


$425 | 3 Months | 6 Hours

Less Pain, More Movement

Improved Mobility, Range of Motion, and Decreased Pain.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mark, a customized in-home massage master. I am one of those people who work late and often have a hard time sleeping. I am a night grinder, BIG TIME, and this leads to an achy jaw. Mark’s magic touch on my face and key pressure points instantly releases the tension and allows me to relax. I’m thankful that he educates me about my body and how the different types of massage benefit me. He truly has magic hands and the right touch. Sometimes people are leery of having someone new come into their home. I can assure you that Mark is a consummate professional.

Sandra Wright

Seattle, WA